Access Control Integration

At Ramco Protective we pride ourselves on technology integration. Over the years Ramco has planned and implemented countless installations and renovations of access control systems of any scope and size.

Our ability to integrate systems has been paramount for our customers. In most cases this integration has led to consolidation of multiple systems into one. The process of consolidating systems has simplified access control for our customers by providing them one database for all their needs.


Access control and security systems are a popular solution for any size business, such as an access control entry system into office buildings, industrial sites, gated communities, hotels, apartment complexes, colleges and casinos. They can be either a “stand-along” and/or “computer-based” access control security solution which enable an authority to control access to an area.

Access control is a matter of Who, Where and When. An access control system determines Who is allowed to enter or exit, Where they are allowed to enter or exit, and When they are allowed to enter or exit. It’s a convenient way to allow access, or limited access, into authorized areas on an individual basis.

We install and repair pedestrian Access Control systems:

  • Proximity Card & Keypad systems

  • Biometric fingerprint scanners

  • Call Boxes

  • Remote Gate Entry systems

We install and repair vehicle access control systems with the following technologies:

RFID systems (Radio Frequency Sticker System)

Telephone Voice Over IP entry systems

Bar Code Entry systems