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If you are searching for right kind of security for your gated community in Daytona, let Ramco Protective help you end the search. Ramco offers experienced, licensed and skilled community security guards providing a complete access control solution for your property. Combining the best security guards and access control technology allows us to support your property and its pursuit to ensuring it’s as secure as possible.

We understand that clients demand highly skilled, yet respectful professionals and that is what we train our guards to be, our goal is meet your security needs and desires meanwhile continually monitoring and training them throughout their guard career.

Along with security guard services Ramco brings the complete security management solution by offering services through our Dayton gate division. Our gate division is equipped to perform repair/ installations of entry gates, gate repair, entry gate automation control devices such as bar code readers, RFID readers, gate controllers and security camera installations. Our fabrication team can manufacture any kind of gate needed or desired, from custom gates to off the shelf designs our gate division can handle it all.

We recently introduced a virtual guard security solution in Daytona. What is a virtual guard? Virtual guard allows you to control gate access without the need of an on-site guard. This is the perfect solution for a community that desires for recording and controlling access but does not want a full-time dedicated guard on-site. This is accomplished with a pedestal with cameras and speakers and a guard on the other virtual end servicing multiple clients simultaneously yet affording you a solution to control who is coming into your property. Contact us for more details of how we can create a Virtual Guard solution for your property.

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