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The Foundation of Our Values is Our People

By providing outstanding salary, benefits and working environment for our staff, RAMCO Protective develops superior employees – from the officers and supervisors you see on-post daily, to the training specialists and others who support them; and from our dedicated administrative personnel to senior management.

Every RAMCO Protective Security Officer is a fully licensed Private Security Officer. We do not reduce the quality of our service or pursue lower insurance costs by re-titling our officers in order to skirt the state’s licensing requirements. This is another example of Ramco Protective policies protecting our clients by ensuring you are not violating the law.

Directing the dynamic RAMCO Protective staff is a diversified Central Florida management team composed of retired and former national, state and local law enforcement officers and agents, and retired and former military from all branches of service. Licensed and certified in advanced specialties ranging from private investigation to Fire and Life Safety.