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Ramco is a single-source provider of comprehensive security and access control solutions. Ramco operates through its Guard, Gate and Intelligence divisions. Our organization fortifies residential and corporate security with a complete range of physical and technology-based packages that tailor to every client’s needs.


Access control and security systems are ideal for all businesses. Ramco can provide an access control entry system into office buildings, industrial sites, gated communities, hotels, apartment complexes, colleges and casinos. Access control systems can be a “stand-alone” and/ or a “computer-based” system. Access control is a matter of Who, Where and When. An access control system determines who can enter or exit, where they can enter or exit, and when access is allowed. Access control is a convenient and efficient way to allow or limit access within your business.

icon050sGate Fabrication Specialists

Ramco can customize a gate automation system with our In-House custom ornamental iron- gate fabrication. We will meet your individual needs for every type of shape and transformation. We pride ourselves in our high standards quality and satisfaction. Finished off with a powder coat that brings industrial strength, durability and a beautiful finish to the custom entry gate, you will be proud of the end result.


Ramco Protective offers a large selection of high quality gate automation solutions. Whether the gates are for residential or heavy-duty commercial, Ramco will deliver the gate automation quality you are looking for. Gates offered include but not limited to: Entry gates, driveway gates, automatic gates, iron gates, apartment gates, wrought iron gates, rolling gates, barrier arm gates, Etc.


Ramco Protective offers more than just your regular security officer. Blending first class training with unique technologies provide our officers with the tools they need to be the best in the industry. Ramco officers are trained to be courteous yet firm, all while maintaining control of your property. Ramco serves many industries including; Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Commercial Properties and Construction sites.


Think about Video Surveillance not as security cameras, monitors, and recorders, but as a new set of eyes watching over your business 24/7. Our Business Security Cameras can help provide you with peace of mind, helping you always know what is happening at your business. Ramco Protective is the Florida security camera experts in HD security cameras giving you remote access and control from the palm of your hands. At Ramco Protective we will design a Video Surveillance system specifically to meet your needs.

A Team Of Industry Veterans

Working For You

Ramco Protective has been a leading security agency since 2008, with established operations covering one- third of Florida.

A single source provider of a comprehensive security and access control solutions; Ramco operates through its guard, gate, and intelligence divisions. This organization fortifies residential and corporate security with a complete range of physical and technology bases packages that accommodate our clients desire.

Family owned and operated, Ramco Protective flourishes on time team wide dedication, professionalism, integrity and respect. Our commitment to secure residences, corporations, hospitals, malls and other elite partnerships.

“Keeping you safe since 08”

Our Goal

To provide the highest quality of guard service as well as catering to other facets of the security industry. Growing throughout North America we are not just selling particular products, we are building packages to fit our client’s needs.
To be associated with some of the most outstanding communities, companies and other firms we are able to plan and innovate to help each client reach their goal.
To be an organization that is not only enjoyable to work for but rewarding to work with.
Continue to contribute to the profession to which we belong and to the areas in which we live and work.
To Expand but also continue to retain our identity to provide quality services and products, which has been our proverb from the beginning.

Who We Serve

Ramco Protective is proud to service and support the following industries.
  • HOA’s (Homeowners Associations)
  • Condominium Associations
  • Corporate Offices & Corporations 
  • Property Developments
  • Hospitals
  • Construction Sites
  • Shopping Malls 
  • Airports 



8 years of serving the State of Florida is a statement of not only our rich history, but of the diversified company Ramco Protective is today. Comprised of leading brand products and services, that serve our diverse statewide markets.

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